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Writing Tips

Career seekers must understand that the development of STELLAR career documents, e.g. portfolios and resumes, takes time and effort. The end result is to ensure that these documents stand out among the masses and compel Hiring Managers to take the next steps in the selection process.

Writing style throughout your documents should be consistent and complement each other in order to paint a complete picture of your career background.  This relates to the following:

  • Business Plans
  • Career Bios
  • Career Portfolios
  • Cover Letters
  • Follow-Up Correspondence
  • Resumes
  • Value Statements
  • Variety of Supplemental Documentation

It is strongly recommended that documents are kept up to date and reviewed every 6 months.  You never know what the future will bring and how nice to have everything ready should the need arise – this is being proactive, the approach that should be taken regarding all aspects of your career.  Obviously some minor adjustments will need to made for the new position and/or company you are going after.

It would benefit the career seeker to utilize professionals for these tasks as they will know how to properly showcase your career, goals and marketable skills.


Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Usage and Formatting in your business writing is extremely important, refer to the Gregg Reference Manual by Bill Sabin “… which has been the recognized leading style manual for anyone seeking to master the standards of current business writing …”


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