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this refers to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

LinkedIn Profile

One of the most important parts of creating a Career | Personal Brand is your LinkedIn Profile.  It can be utilized to conduct research, connect with people and expand your network.  If you are not on LI, sign up if you are serious about your career endeavors (employers view those that are not utilizing social media as someone not adaptable and not “up” with current techniques in networking and marketing – be it products, or yourself).

Your UNIQUE Profile should showcase your background and contain information about your accomplishments, certifications, education, job experience, and skills.  Note that a LinkedIn Profile can increase your visibility online and will assist you in building your professional brand (consider CURRENT and FUTURE employment opportunities, e.g. promotion within your current organization).

It’s important to be sure that your LinkedIn Profile is complete and detailed. In fact, you can consider your LI Profile as your secondary online resume and should contain the same information (be careful of inconsistencies). The Profile template offered by LI is easy to follow on the site, it is the content that will take care, effort and time.


You need to add a professional photo (a head shot) to your LI Profile.  It’s imperative that it is not casual (e.g. with your pets, wearing shorts, on vacation, etc…); we have samples on our Pinterest Page, request information.  It is our suggestion that you hire a professional photographer who will give you the rights to use and reprint and hopefully provide multiple formats so you are able to upload for a variety of needs, e.g. other media sites, business cards, portfolios, etc…

Other Offerings

  • Uniquely Created Candidate Pages that you may attach to electronic correspondence
  • Career Profiles for your Utilization on Social Media Sites (these specific profiles will be attachments)
  • Candidate Web Page, we utilize a domain that will be a 1 page showcase of your career | 100%: THIS PRODUCT OFFERING WILL SET YOU APART