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A Career Portfolio (CP) provides employers with a complete picture of a candidate applying for a position.

Career Portfolios will include an in-depth summary of what you have accomplished in your career thus far.  This may include experiences, accomplishments, skills, education, interests and professional goals and objectives.

There are some positions that REQUIRE a Portfolio, e.g. education, design, and writing positions.  Other position types (excellent for sales & marketing types) will utilize Portfolios to present | demonstrate successes in a tangible form; this can be accomplished by providing samples of awards, pipeline reports, reviews, spreadsheets, etc…

Career Bios (CB) are short summaries of relevant background to introduce yourself in a variety of settings.  You may use your Bio for job applications, but also for networking, listings in professional directories, publicity materials, and when applying for corporate boards.

As with your resume (and Portfolio), the Bio needs to be tailored for the audience you are targeting.  For example, your Bio on Twitter might be every different from the one you include in an introductory email to potential employers or business prospects.

Career Bios are also utilized as marketing tools to promote personal brands; as such they must be written in an engaging manner.  Some items to consider for your Career Bio:

  • Quantifying Results
  • Sharing Volunteer Activities
  • Including a Professional Photo
  • Using a Conversational Tone & Strong Verbs
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